Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rally Behind Rick Green Now!

The GOP needs to rally behind Rick Green, and needs to do so quickly.

Someday, the Dems will break our lock on statewide offices. The only real questions are when it is going to happen and which statewide race will be the bellwether for the Dems.

While the media is always looking at the top of the ticket, the truth is that the Dems are more competative in statewide judicial races than in any other statewide contest:

In 2008, who led the statewide Dems? It was statewide judicial candidate Sam Houston, who got almost 140,000 more votes than the top-of-the-statewide-ticket senate candidate who got all the media fuss.

In 2006, who led the statewide Dems? It was statewide judicial candidate Bill Moody (who's back again this election), and Moody got way over 300,000 more votes than the top-of-the-ticket senate and governor candidates.

In 2004, the top Dem vote-getter was statewide judicial candidate J.R. Molina.

In 2002, statewide judicial candidate Margaret Mirabal and lieutenant governor candidate John Sharp (does that name sound familiar?) were the top Dem vote-getters and both out-performed the top of the ticket governor and senate candidates.

In 2000, the top Dem vote-getter was statewide judicial candidate Bill Vance.

When we lose our grip on a statewide office, it will be a statewide judicial candidate who serves as the Dems' bellwether.

Also, based on past election returns, it will likely be a non-presidential-election year when we finally lose a statewide election (because the Dems have come closer in non-presidential-election years as compared to presidential-election years).

What we must ask is will 2010 be the non-presidential-election year when a statewide Dem judicial candidate breaks through? And if so, who?

If 2010 is the year when the levee breaks, Jim Sharp has got to be the leading candidate to break through.

Among the statewide judicial races in 2010, Texas Supreme Court place 3 will be the only one to put a Dem appellate judge against a GOP candidate with no appellate judge experience.

In the state bar poll, the Texas Supreme Court place 3 was the only race where the Dem won the poll of lawyers.

When the Dems cracked the GOP lock on the Houston appellate courts, the judicial candidate who broke through was none other than Jim Sharp.

Plus, Sharp is a good ballot name.

So, if Jim Sharp presents the best chance for the Dems to crack the GOP lock on statewide offices, who do we want as the GOP candidate to withstand that charge?

It has to be Rick Green. Debra Lehrmann has (1) a bad ballot name, (2) no big city base of support, (3) a narrow specialization in family law which makes up only a tiny portion of the supreme court docket, and -- most importantly -- (4) no credibility within the "Republican-wing" of the GOP.

You may ask, what about Rick Green, who also lacks a big city base of support and does not have an appellate law background? What Rick has is better: Rick has bona fides in GOP activist circles. He is a true believer in conservative causes. His resume may not look like the resume of all the other judges on the high court, but that is his greatest asset. Rick Green will bring common sense and conservative values to the court, and Debra Lehrmann will not. At least we know that Rick Green will get all the GOP votes in November, which ought to be enough to carry the day. The same cannot be said for Lehrmann, who would be destined to lose if she's our candidate against Jim Sharp.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Congratulations to Raul Torres and Rick Green!

Raul Torres won his primary challenge last night in convincing style!

He will go on and beat Solomon Ortiz, Jr. in November.

In a crowded field of primary candidates, Rick Green has made it into the runoff despite the fact that all the other candidates were judges.  That's good news for those who would like to see things change from the same-old-same-old at the Texas Supreme Court.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why I'm supporting David Stith over Guy Williams

Guy Williams has run for office many, many times and he's been unsuccessfull every time.

Guy Williams has run for District Attorney.  He lost.

Guy Williams has run for Court of Criminal Appeals.  And he lost.

Guy Williams has run for local judge several times now.  He's lost EVERY time.

In fact, Guy Williams has run unsuccessfully for so many different offices that he's been on the ballot in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, and now 2010.  And he's never won any of those elections.

As a campaigner, Guy Williams has been caught running false television ads.

As a divorce attorney, Guy Williams has a record of missing deadlines and losing his client's cases.

As a crimial law attorney, Guy Williams has a record of incompetence.

As a guy who lets crimials out of jail on bail bonds, Guy Williams has a knack of being on the losing end.

David Stith has provided documentation to prove that Guy Williams has twice threatened physical violence against District Attorneys.

Vote for David Stith!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why I'm supporting Rose Vela over Eva Guzman

Eva Guzman is the political appointee of the pay-for-play Perry administration, and the Republican Party has been breaking its own rules to keep this hand-picked toady in place.  Perry is behind this unprincipled political rule-breaking as part of his typical game plan of putting his own selfish interests ahead of what's best for Texas.

In typical corrupt Perry style, Perry tried to use the political appointment which Perry gave to Guzman as a bribe to try and get the Velas to switch loyalty to Perry.  This practice is wrong and it must stop.  The fact that Perry gave the political loyalty award to Guzman confirms that Guzman can be bought for a price that the Velas refused.  In contrast to Eva Guzman's insider political games, Rose Vela promises transparency to help stop the problem where the Texas Supreme Court is dragging out cases longer than necessary, and Eva Guzman will never match that pledge because she's part of the insider political problem at the court.

More importantly, Eva Guzman is driven by a judicial activist agenda.  In the case of Rowan Companies, Inc. v. Wilmington Trust Co., the conservative Republican trial judge Levi James Benton, the jury, and the conservative appellate judge Kem Frost all reviewed the facts of the case and concluded that the Wilmington Trust Company was entitled to its contractual rights.  Eva Guzman changed the result in that case by rejecting Republican Judge Frost's conservative analysis, by overruling Republican Judge Benton, and by disregarding the jury.

In the case of All Star Enterprise, Inc. v. Buchanan, Eva Guzman rejected the analysis of conservative trial judge Patricia Hancock who had ruled that a foreign company had to accept responsibility in Texas courts for doing harm to Texans in Texas.

In the case of  Green v. Alford, Eva Guzman once again rejected the conservative ruling of Republican trial judge Ken Wise and ingored the conservative analysis of her Republican colleague Justice Harvey Hudson.

As one mmore example of Eva Guzman's judicial activism, in the case of Ahmed v. Ahmed, conservative Republican judge Leslie Brock Yates correctly rejected the false argument that an Islamic marriage qualifies as an enforceable prenuptial agreement, but gullible Guzman would have fallen for this argument if her dissenting opinion was the majority rule.

Eva Guzman is a political appointee with an activist agenda.  We don't need Guzman on the Texas Supreme Court.  Vote for Rose Vela on March 2!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why I'm supporting Debra Medina over Rick Perry

It's sad but true that Rick Perry has lingered in the Governor's seat for more than any other human being in the history of Texas, and we have very little to show for it.

Perry has never been about what is best for Texas, and he's always been about what is best for Perry's cronies.

Texas A & M University President Ray Bowen and Texas Tech's Windy Sitton both give witness that Perry has improperly demanded that folks he appoints pledge their loyalty to him above the people of Texas and above the Universities they were appointed to serve.

For example, Rick Francis, a banker from El Paso banker gave Perry more than $180,000, including a $25,000 donation six days before his appointment to the Texas Tech University Board of Regents.
These corrupt quid-pro-quo government appointments for sale must stop.

Lobbyist Dan Shelley worked to give away Texas land plus $7 billion dollars to Cintra, a Spanish company, to build the Trans-Texas Corridor boondoggle toll road before lobbyist Shelly came to work in Perry's office.

Debra Medina is a breath of fresh air with new ideas.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 Primary Endorsements

Governor -- Debra Medina. She is a true conservative and a breath of freah air.

Rick Perry has been Governor for far too long and has become part of the problem.
Kay Bailey Hutchison is too liberal with our tax dollars and has been in Washington DC for too long.

Congress -- Willie Vaden. He has put in the time and shown his party loyalty by running for this office in the past. He is a true conservative.

James Duerr was accurately described by the Caller-Times as the "most moderate" in the race and he is in favor of the debt-expanding stimulus.
Blake Farenthold is a fat loudmouth with a radio program who has been endorsed by the Caller-Times in an editorial in which he admitted to being a former supporter of Kleptocrat Solomon Ortiz -- this is a disqualifying admission.
Jessica Puente-Bradshaw is a true conservative, but she has not put in the time that Willie Vaden has so this was a close call, but Puente-Bradshaw is a definite rising star.

Texas Supreme Court place 3 -- Rick Green. Both Charleton Heston and Chuck Norris have endorsed Rick Green, and it is nice to see that his endorsement list is made up of doctors, and preachers, and acting legends, and conservative activists and not just lawyers and judges. I like that.

Texas Supreme Court place 9 -- Rose Vela. She has shown her good faith in her support of the local Republican Party, and her judicial decisions are strict and faithful to the Constitution.

Eva Guzman is a typical political appointee who seems to put the interests of her political supporters ahead of the Constitution.

State Representative for District 33 -- Raul Torres. He has a better chance of beating Solomon Ortiz Jr.

Nicholas Rodriguez has a promising future in politics, but he is too green this election cycle.

District Court 148 -- Davis Stith. I don't know too much about this young lawyer, but he stands a better chance to bear the incumbent.

Guy Williams is a broken record who has proven that he cannot beat the incumbent.