Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 Primary Endorsements

Governor -- Debra Medina. She is a true conservative and a breath of freah air.

Rick Perry has been Governor for far too long and has become part of the problem.
Kay Bailey Hutchison is too liberal with our tax dollars and has been in Washington DC for too long.

Congress -- Willie Vaden. He has put in the time and shown his party loyalty by running for this office in the past. He is a true conservative.

James Duerr was accurately described by the Caller-Times as the "most moderate" in the race and he is in favor of the debt-expanding stimulus.
Blake Farenthold is a fat loudmouth with a radio program who has been endorsed by the Caller-Times in an editorial in which he admitted to being a former supporter of Kleptocrat Solomon Ortiz -- this is a disqualifying admission.
Jessica Puente-Bradshaw is a true conservative, but she has not put in the time that Willie Vaden has so this was a close call, but Puente-Bradshaw is a definite rising star.

Texas Supreme Court place 3 -- Rick Green. Both Charleton Heston and Chuck Norris have endorsed Rick Green, and it is nice to see that his endorsement list is made up of doctors, and preachers, and acting legends, and conservative activists and not just lawyers and judges. I like that.

Texas Supreme Court place 9 -- Rose Vela. She has shown her good faith in her support of the local Republican Party, and her judicial decisions are strict and faithful to the Constitution.

Eva Guzman is a typical political appointee who seems to put the interests of her political supporters ahead of the Constitution.

State Representative for District 33 -- Raul Torres. He has a better chance of beating Solomon Ortiz Jr.

Nicholas Rodriguez has a promising future in politics, but he is too green this election cycle.

District Court 148 -- Davis Stith. I don't know too much about this young lawyer, but he stands a better chance to bear the incumbent.

Guy Williams is a broken record who has proven that he cannot beat the incumbent.

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