Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why I'm supporting Debra Medina over Rick Perry

It's sad but true that Rick Perry has lingered in the Governor's seat for more than any other human being in the history of Texas, and we have very little to show for it.

Perry has never been about what is best for Texas, and he's always been about what is best for Perry's cronies.

Texas A & M University President Ray Bowen and Texas Tech's Windy Sitton both give witness that Perry has improperly demanded that folks he appoints pledge their loyalty to him above the people of Texas and above the Universities they were appointed to serve.

For example, Rick Francis, a banker from El Paso banker gave Perry more than $180,000, including a $25,000 donation six days before his appointment to the Texas Tech University Board of Regents.
These corrupt quid-pro-quo government appointments for sale must stop.

Lobbyist Dan Shelley worked to give away Texas land plus $7 billion dollars to Cintra, a Spanish company, to build the Trans-Texas Corridor boondoggle toll road before lobbyist Shelly came to work in Perry's office.

Debra Medina is a breath of fresh air with new ideas.

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